Meeting Details

Communities Overview & Scrutiny Committee
1 Mar 2011 - 10:00 to 14:55
Meeting taken in private.

Declarations of Interests


Also in attendance at the above meeting were:

Cllrs Alan Cockburn, Michael Doody, Colin Hayfield, David Johnston, Richard Hobbs

Elizabeth Abbott - Performance & Improvement Officer
Vanessa Belton - Business Analyst
Kushal birla - Head of Customer Service & Communications
David Carter - Strategic Director for Customers, Workforce & Governance
Monica Fogarty - Assistant Chief Executive
Ayub Khan - Haed of Libraries, Strategy
Ann Mawdsley - Principal Committee Administrator
Andy McDarmaid - Improvement & Development Manager
Michelle McHugh - Overview & Scrutiny Manager
Lisa Mowe - Deputy Communications Manager, Media & Public Relations
Helen Murphy - Financial Services Manager
Kate Nash - Head of Community Safety & Localities
Chris Nason - Group Manager, Transport for Warwickshire
Greta Needham - Head of Law & Governance
LInda Smith - Head of Libraries, Operations
Julie Sullivan - Corporate Community Safety Manager

Mike Downes - Kenilworth resident

No members of the public expressed a desire to address the meeting.