Forward Plan of Decisions

The forward plan provides information about all of the decisions that the Council has scheduled.

A formal agenda with reports and supporting documents for each meeting will be published on our website at least five working days before the date of a meeting. Where a report is to be considered in private, the reason for that is set out in the description of the decision. If you believe an item should be considered in public, contact the Democratic Services Team:

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3873Broadband Rollout - Progress Report
A report regarding the progress of the broadband rollout across the county. Information to include the delivery targets, issues relating to older technology and other outside considerations.
Resources DirectorateResources and Fire & Rescue Overview and Scrutiny Committee05/Jun/19
3874Warwickshire Switch and Save Scheme - end of year one progress report

In Jan 2018 Cabinet authorised that up to £55 p.a. Warwickshire Energy Plan monies be allocated for an initial two year trial period to work with iChoosr to deliver a fuel switching scheme to households across Warwickshire (Warwickshire Switch and Save - WSS). 

The allocated monies were to cover costs to develop three promotional campaigns a year for two years aimed at reaching as many households as possible and enrolling and registering sufficient gas and electricity accounts to cover implementation costs. Some of the allocated budget was used to provide a registration and advice service for people needing assistance in switching such as those without access to the internet.

WSS underpins the OOPS2020 aim of supporting Warwickshire's communities and individuals to be supported so they are safe, healthy and independent.

WSS helps deliver on the Warwickshire Energy Plan policy area 3: 'Taking people out of fuel poverty and improving their health and wellbeing'. The official launch of WSS was on 10th April 2018. Three reverse auctions were held in May 2018, October 2018 and February 2019. The reverse auctions gave all licensed suppliers the opportunity to tender to provide the lowest price domestic tariffs for electricity only, dual fuel and pre-payment meters.

This report compares the Outline Business Case with actual project delivery and makes the recommendation that the scheme be continued following the first two years, ensuring that marketing and promotional budget does not exceed any referral fee income.

Resources DirectorateResources and Fire & Rescue Overview and Scrutiny Committee05/Jun/19
3926Digital Programme – Update in relation to the new council websiteUpdate in relation to the new council website including customer feedback (as requested at 25 April meeting).Resources DirectorateResources and Fire & Rescue Overview and Scrutiny Committee05/Jun/19
38762018/19 Treasury Management OutturnTo report the 2017/18 outturn in respect of treasury management activities.Resources DirectorateResources and Fire & Rescue Overview and Scrutiny Committee05/Jun/19
3853Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service Health, Safety and Wellbeing Annual Report 2018-19

This annual report provides a position statement on the management and performance of Health, Safety and Wellbeing within Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Service (WFRS). It summarises the key Health, Safety and Wellbeing (HSW) messages/activities from 1st April 2018 to the 31st March 2019 and the key areas of work for 2019/20.

Fire and Rescue ServiceStaff & Pensions Committee10/Jun/19
3903Actuarial UpdateAn update on actuarial matters including 2019 Valuation activities.Resources DirectoratePension Fund Investment Sub-Committee10/Jun/19
3901Border To Coast - Proposed Investments

Report on pending Border to Coast investments including proposed decisions on new investment opportunities.


This report will also include a general update on private market investments generally.

Resources DirectoratePension Fund Investment Sub-Committee10/Jun/19
3900Border to Coast - General Business UpdateReport updating on general business developments in respect of Border to Coast.Resources DirectoratePension Fund Investment Sub-Committee10/Jun/19
3899Funding Level and Investment UpdateReport on the overall funding level investment update.Resources DirectoratePension Fund Investment Sub-Committee10/Jun/19
3898Investment Performance - Quarter 4 2018/19Presentation of the performance of investments during Quarter 4 of 2018/19.Resources DirectoratePension Fund Investment Sub-Committee10/Jun/19