Forward Plan of Decisions

The forward plan provides information about all of the decisions that the Council has scheduled.

A formal agenda with reports and supporting documents for each meeting will be published on our website at least five working days before the date of a meeting. Where a report is to be considered in private, the reason for that is set out in the description of the decision. If you believe an item should be considered in public, contact the Democratic Services Team:

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3828Waste Education

Update on the various waste education projects taking place across Warwickshire.



Communities DirectorateWarwickshire Waste Partnership20/Mar/19
3827HWRC Waste Composition ReportOverview of HWRC residual waste composition in Warwickshire.Communities DirectorateWarwickshire Waste Partnership20/Mar/19
3831Warwickshire Waste StrategyOverview of Warwickshire Waste Strategy Partnership memorandum of understanding and waste strategy review plan.Communities DirectorateWarwickshire Waste Partnership20/Mar/19
3765Better Care Fund Budget and Plan for 2019/20The Health and Wellbeing Board has authorised that a Sub-Committee meet to consider and approve the Better Care Fund Budget and Plan for 2019/20 and sign off the summary of schemes, priorities and finance.People DirectorateHealth and Wellbeing Board22/Mar/19
3764CAMHS Transformation Plan Year 3 Refresh
The Health and Wellbeing Board has authorised a Sub-Committee to approve and sign off the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service Transformation Plan year 3 refresh.
People DirectorateHealth and Wellbeing Board22/Mar/19
3822Planning Application ref: RBC/19CM005Variation of conditions 2, 6 and 7 of planning permission RBC/12CM018 to extend the time limit to complete sand and gravel extraction, importation of inert materials, and restoration by 2 years; to increase the total quantity of mineral extracted from the site from 900,000 tonnes nett to 1,200,000 tonnes nett; and to increase the total quantity of inert infill materials from 650,000 tonnes to 850,000 tonnes.Communities DirectorateRegulatory Committee09/Apr/19
3819Planning Application Ref: WDC/19CM004Section 73 application for the variation of condition 4 of planning permission ref: WDC/12CM019 to continue the importation, processing, stocking and onward sale of sand and gravel or an additional 2 years.Communities DirectorateRegulatory Committee09/Apr/19
3844On-street parking pricing review and change to virtual permitting system

The report provides proposals to amend the existing on-street permit parking pricing structure. This includes residents and visitors parking permits, dispensations and bay suspensions, and guesthouse visitors permits. A new tiered pricing structure is proposed together with changes to the visitor permit parking system to prevent misuse.

Included also is a review of the existing on-street pay and display charging structure with recommendations for a small increase and harmonisation of charges throughout the county where charges apply.

It is also proposed to move from the existing paper-based permitting system to an online virtual permitting system.

Communities DirectorateCabinet11/Apr/19
3886Education Capital Programme 2019/20Additions to the Education and Learning (Schools) Capital Programme 2019/20 and Approval of Statutory ProposalsCommunities DirectorateCabinet11/Apr/19
36042019/20 Service EstimatesThe purpose of this report is to seek agreement, at a detailed level, as to how each Business Unit plans to use the resources allocated in 2019/20 by Full Council in February 2019, alongside the final year of the 2017-20 savings plan.Resources DirectorateCabinet11/Apr/19