Forward Plan of Decisions

The forward plan provides information about all of the decisions that the Council has scheduled.

A formal agenda with reports and supporting documents for each meeting will be published on our website at least five working days before the date of a meeting. Where a report is to be considered in private, the reason for that is set out in the description of the decision. If you believe an item should be considered in public, contact the Democratic Services Team:

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Decision to be consideredDetailsKey DecisionGroupDecision MakerMeeting Date
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3987Youth Justice Strategic Plan 2019 - 2020Presentation of the annual YJSP.People DirectorateCabinet12/Sep/19
3984Draft Integrated Risk Management Plan Action Plan 2019/20: Post Engagement and Consultation ReportA report to Members to provide details and the outcomes of the 6 week Draft IRMP Action Plan 2019/20 communication, engagement and consultation process undertaken on 6 May 2019. The report will recommend a revised draft Action Plan for final approval should the outcomes of the process have deemed it necessary.Communities DirectorateCabinet12/Sep/19
4051Connecting Communities: Voluntary and Community Sector Strategy 2020-2025This report presents a new strategy outlining how we will contine to work with our volunatry andcommunity sector.Resources DirectorateCabinet12/Sep/19
4050Capital Investment Fund 2019/20 Quarter 2 ReportCabinet are asked to consider proposals from Corporate Board on which Capital Investment Fund bids to take forward to Council for approval.Resources DirectorateCabinet12/Sep/19
4094Lancaster Court Lower Hillmorton Road Speed CushionProposal to extend and install a traffic calming speed table and new vehicle access for the new Lancaster Court housing development.Communities DirectoratePortfolio Holder - Transport & Planning13/Sep/19
4080Various Developer-funded Scheme ApprovalsThe purpose of the report is to add schemes to the capital programme and also to seek authorisation for the procurement and contract award of various construction contractsCommunities DirectoratePortfolio Holder - Deputy Leader (Finance and Property)13/Sep/19
4028Warwickshire Minerals Plan – Revised Local Development Scheme for Proposed Submission (Section 20)Approval is sought for the revised Minerals and Waste Development Scheme for Submission with the Minerals Plan. Communities DirectorateLeader13/Sep/19
4031Edward Street, Proposed Speed Humps and a Priority ChicaneTo consider the proposed speed humps and a priority chicane on Edward Street, Rugby following consultation. Objections have been received.Communities DirectoratePortfolio Holder - Transport & Planning13/Sep/19
4053A429 Fosse Way / B4035 Campden Road Speed limit reductionTo approve the proposed 50 mph speed limit proposed on A429 Fosse Way / B4035 Campden Road.Communities DirectoratePortfolio Holder - Transport & Planning13/Sep/19
4078Rugby Free Secondary School Development - Traffic Orders

A report to Portfolio Holder to consider the responses to a consultation on the traffic orders and notifications associated with Rugby Free Secondary School development.

These include the proposals to introduce orders for additional waiting restrictions and a 20mph speed zone, and publication of notice of traffic calming measures (raised tables and road humps) and notice of shared footway and cycleway.

Communities DirectoratePortfolio Holder - Transport & Planning13/Sep/19