Forward Plan of Decisions

The forward plan provides information about all of the decisions that the Council has scheduled.

A formal agenda with reports and supporting documents for each meeting will be published on our website at least five working days before the date of a meeting. Where a report is to be considered in private, the reason for that is set out in the description of the decision. If you believe an item should be considered in public, contact the Democratic Services Team:

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4187Response to Government Consultation The DfE has issued a short consultation on their proposal to change the DSG terms and conditions. The proposal is to reinforce the position of DSG as separate from the rest of the local authority funding such that local authorities will no longer be allowed to fund the DSG overspendResources DirectorateLeader08/Nov/19
4182Performance Monitoring Clinical Commissioning GroupsThe Committee reviews performance against the commissioning intentions of clinical commissioning groups at six-monthly intervals. At its meeting on 25 September, the Committee agreed to hold a further meeting with CCGs to review this area in further detail..Resources DirectorateAdult Social Care & Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee11/Nov/19
4186Rural Services network - Rural Strategy campaign


Cabinet approval to for WCC to support the Rural Service Network's campaign for a national Rural Strategy

Communities DirectorateCabinet12/Nov/19
4054Customer Experience Strategy 2020-2025This strategy proposes a refreshed approach to customer experience.Resources DirectorateCabinet14/Nov/19
3780Measures to reduce plastic in the waste stream

The Council on 13 December 2018 stated its support for Sky Ocean Rescue campaign's aim of reducing the amount of plastic in the waste stream and committed to achieving Single Use 'plastic free' accreditation. It agreed that a report be brought to Cabinet by November setting out how the organisation can work towards installing public water refill points and eliminating all non essential single use plastic over the next two years. 

Resources DirectorateCabinet14/Nov/19
4128Finance - One Organisational Plan Quarterly Report Q2Finance - one organisational plan quarterly report Q2Resources DirectorateCabinet14/Nov/19
4002Early Intervention, Prevention & Community Capacity Fund - requests to access fundingCabinet are asked to approve the individual requests to access the Early Intervention, Prevention & Community capacity fund put forward by Corporate Board.Resources DirectorateCabinet14/Nov/19
4011One Organisational Plan Quarterly Progress Report - Q2One Organisational Plan Quarterly Progress Report - Q2Resources DirectorateCabinet14/Nov/19
4175Councillor Grant Fund Report 2018/19This report details how the County Councillor Grant Fund has been used during the year 2018/19.Resources DirectorateCabinet14/Nov/19
4069Education (Schools) Capital Programme 2019/20 and Approval of Statutory ProposalsReport recommends proposals for allocating resources in the Education (Schools) Capital Programme to specific projects and the approval of statutory proposals.Communities DirectorateCabinet14/Nov/19